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middlesex based company producing corporate year planners and calendars
At Emphasis, we manufacture a wide range of promotional Year Planners, Wall charts, Calendars and Time Planning products that are supplied and distributed through a nationwide dealer network. We have established a reputation in today's market place as a manufacturer of high quality products combining value for money and a flexibility to meet even the most challenging, exacting and sophisticated requirements.


273-275 London Road, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4JJ

tel: 0800 107 8800 fax: 0800 107 8900

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Through constant research and innovation, we keep abreast of current technology to enable us to deliver an efficient service and at the same time provide the quality of product that our customers quite rightly expect. Our total 'in house' capability provides us and our customers with a flexibility that is currently unsurpassed in the manufacturing of our product range. From initial concept and design to final packaging and dispatch, we do it all - and we do it well!
Promotional Year Planners and Calendars have virtually unlimited creative opportunities which can satisfy any objective and effectively convey a company's services or products to existing or prospective clients - 365 days a year.
Each year planner or calendar design is individually created in direct relation to your company's specific requirements, therefore producing a totally unique product, not just a standard overprint - an important factor to consider in today's aggressive commercial environment where getting noticed means being in front.
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Designed, produced and packed under one roof, our manufacturing process involves strict control over production to allow you the maximum flexibility over your product. Printed on chlorine-free paper from sustainable forests for optimum impact combined with a consideration for our environment.
Our year planners are rolled individually into polythene tubes as standard and each planner can be packed with a pen and sticker kit if required. For mailing purposes or extra protection in transit, the planners can be individually inserted into rigid cardboard postal tubes and sealed with plastic end caps..... we aim to meet your expectations and to help build a stronger relationship between you and your customers.